Jerry Sandusky grand jury report (or: May no act of ours bring shame)

Ok, finally read through this. Can anyone explain to me why Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, Joe Paterno, and Graham Spanier still have jobs? It seems pretty clear to me their actions (or inactions) enabled a lot of abuse to take place. You would think the 1998 “confession” to one of the abused boy’s mother (during a police sting and witnessed by police) would have been enough to remove Sandusky from society, his job, and his charity for “troubled boys” which seems to have been primarily a vehicle for him to find victims. I would love to know DA Ray Gricar’s explanation for why he refused to follow up on the case but in case you forgot, he vanished under very mysterious circumstances never to be seen again. I was part of the search team that searched several areas after his disappearance and as far as I know, nobody has ever come up with any kind of reason why he would disappear. Was it related to this? We will probably never know, it just becomes another avenue of speculation.

It looks like we have a clear pattern here, kids who reported being abused, the police and DA doing an investigation (which ended in a confession and somehow no charges) a student who saw Sandusky abusing young boys in the shower and reported it, a janitor who saw it and reported it, and an administration who did NOTHING except decide he was no longer a candidate for replacing Paterno as head coach (I remember everyone wondering why at the time) and basically forcing his retirement. They knew, there can almost be no question based on the grand jury report that his activities were an open secret in the athletic department. Yet PSU, after forcing him out, gave him free access to the football building (Lasch) and an office there. You would think someone would have had the foresight to warn Second Mile, his foundation for troubled boys. One may even wonder why the PSU counsel who reviewed the  allegations against him didn’t notify the lead counsel of his Second Mile foundation. The answer of course is that it was the same counsel (another who needs to be investigated), who of course decided to not peruse any action.

Hindsight is 20/20, but it is impossible to ignore the repeated pattern here. However, PSU managed to do just that. They need to clean house if there is to be any honor left in Old Main. For Spanier to be able to read this report and express his unconditional support for Tim and Gary makes me practically wonder what they must have on him. I can think of no other reason why a supposedly intelligent man would choose to disregard so much evidence and testimony and still side with them. Paterno, who now seems to be backpedaling on what he claims the student told him, had an obligation to report these actions to the police, not just his boss. Especially after he can see that nothing came of his report and that Sandusky remained with access to the PSU facilities, his foundation, and no charges. JoPa has lost any respect I had for him over this, and needs to resign just as much as everyone else tained in this blatant coverup. Of course he is working with the prosecution now (making him opposed to President Spanier in court), but what else can he do. His inaction led to even more abuse, even if he was not directly active in the coverup.


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