Charitable organization are abusing phone privileges

I have a home phone line. It isn’t my preference because I’m happy with my smartphone but I have kids who are too young for their own smartphones (Jen doesn’t think a 4 year old needs an Android for some reason). The downside to having a landline is telemarketers, a scourge I had forgotten about during the decade I didn’t have a landline. The do not call list is easy enough to get onto, which only leaves two problems. Charitable organizations who do not need to respect the do not call list and political pollsters who also do not.

The latter I actually enjoy, because I derive a little bit of pleasure in making up increasingly oddball opinions to mess with their data. Also they do not call that often (almost never since I instituted my policy of creating insane opinions to give them).

But charitable organizations, now this is getting out of hand. We donate to several causes sporadically throughout the year. Probably not as much as we should, but enough to have gotten on a call list of some sort. I’m not making this up, the number of calls easily hits 20-30 a day, and for charitable organizations they can be quite belligerent. The calls are coming later and later at night (we’ve had a few past 9pm) and almost always during dinner and on weekends.

So I didn’t want to do this, but I kind of have to. From now on, if you call ONCE after I ask to be removed from the list, you are off the donation rotation. I don’t give out money over the phone anyway, if it is a group we regularly donate to, we get the mailings and respond that way. If it is some group I have never heard of, I’m going to research it heavily anyway and not take the bored-teenager-on-the-phone’s word that it is legit. If you want $20 then guilt me into it by sending return address stickers I never ordered like everyone else does.

One exception, the breast cancer foundation who called once and said “we are raising money for breast awareness”. She realized her word omission when I enthusiastically said “just tell me where to send the check” and was so charmingly embarrassed during the rest of the call that they get a pass on this policy.

  1. #1 by Alex on December 11, 2011 - 5:40 pm

    I’ve had problems with land lines over the years, but when I switched to Ooma three years ago it seems like we never get any telemarketing calls on our land line besides the occasional robo call. It probably helps that I use my cell for everything so our LL is not associated with any of my account info.

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