SOPA Wrap up

So we had our fun, 19 senators who previously supported PIPA (the Senate’s SOPA) dropped support for it, including several co-sponsors. Actual people influenced congress against a wall of money. But it isn’t over, Disney, Time Warner, Viacom,  etc. paid for this law and they are not going home until they get what they paid for. Watch for it to be slipped into a “protect the children” act which would be impossible for a senator to vote against because the campaign commercials against that senator write themselves.

Hopefully what everyone learned from this was that congress does not work like Schoolhouse Rock taught us. Congressmen do not write the laws, special interests or companies do, then shop around for a congressman to submit it . They do this using a short list of congressmen they have previously funneled millions in campaign donations (or if you don’t speak politicaldouche: bribes) to and who are eager to repay the favor with a demonstration of loyalty which will hopefully lead to a lucrative job after congress. The Supreme Court has ruled this is “free speech” and protected by the first amendment. Actual free speech (such as yesterday) scares the crap out of these people and labeled abuse of power and dangerous.

For examples of this look no further than what they are saying. Remember everyone, bribing elected officials and writing legislation for them to advance your failing distribution model is just good democracy. As is suing grandmothers and poor people who have never had a computer for “filesharing”. Websites (non-profit ones like Wikipedia) informing the public as to the latest legislation being crammed through by the MPAA/RIAA and linking to the full text of the bill to inform people is “abuse of power”, “dangerous”, and “turning us into corporate pawns”. Money is speech, actual speech (if you don’t have a lot of money) is abuse.

It takes balls to claim that this is an abuse of power. I guess it is only abuse of power when sites willingly shut down to raise awareness, not when the MPAA requests the right to shut down any site without going through courts. It is only abuse of power when lowly citizens influence the way our elected representatives vote instead of unlimited corporate bribery.
These media tools need to be called out on their unfounded (and proven false) claims of piracy affecting profits, of loss of jobs, and their iron grip on Congress needs to stop. Roll back copyright to the constitutional 14+14 years, roll back the draconian DMCA, and let the Tech Sector (one of the few sectors keeping our failing economy afloat) innovate, create, and deliver what customers want rather than chaining everything to the MPAA/RIAA sinking ship. This is the horse and buggy industry holding back the automobile industry because of some misguided belief of a “right to profits” no matter how flawed your business model. And Congress is playing right along for the free money.

‎”Dodd accused blackout participants of skewing the facts “in order to further their corporate interests.””

Is that anything like the media mogul owned news sources doing everything in their power to not report at all on SOPA/PIPA? You want abuse of power? It is CNN, FoxNews, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc refusing to report or acknowledge the existence of these bills until forced to by grassroots movements. Social networking is the ONLY reason most people have ever heard of this. If the dwindling supporters of SOPA/PIPA have a complaint with the summaries and analysis that Google, Reddit, and others have done then say it. I have not seen anyone on this side give a reasoned counter argument, only vague accusations of skewing the facts. This just underscores the fact that they HAVE no counter argument and were hoping (and by virtue of owning nearly all news medium almost succeeded)  that it would go under the radar. The media conglomerates are angry that we became an informed population, that the text of this bill has been spread far and wide despite their best efforts at a “media blackout” on it. It becomes obvious why they are demanding full control over the internet, and this is not over by a long shot.


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