Updated Seg7 LED Library for Arduino

For those out there developing with the Arduino board, I have updated the Seg7 library initially created by David Kaplan. As his website is currently unavailable as of this writing (http://blog.2of1.org/2010/08/27/arduino-library-for-7-segment-displays/), I will host this distribution here.

Seg7 is a very simple library intended to demonstrate how to interface an Arduino board directly with a 7 segment LED display. As such, it does not support multiplexing outputs and is limited (on the Arduino Uno) to 3 displays. What I have done in this release is taken the last code drop from David Kaplan and updated it to support any arbitrary base up to base 16 (hex) as well as updated the headers to support Arduino 1.0



The latest download of Seg7 here: Seg7-1.1.zip

  1. #1 by Arnar on May 5, 2012 - 6:37 am

    Is there no support for dp yet?

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