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Testing wordpress for android

If you can see this, it worked. If not, I will be demanding my money back.

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Another freaking blog, dear lord why?!!

Because sometimes I have thoughts (rants) that are just too big to be contained in the restrictive environment of twitter and facebook, or too personal to go on linkedin, and I forgot my password to tumblr. So stay tuned and see if this one “takes”, or if it will wither and die like most of the other blogs I have started and forgotten about.

Why I, like many others with basic html knowledge in the 90s, ran a small company doing websites for local businesses. Remember back then the pinnacle of web design was frames, animated gifs, and wordart. Every company on earth needed to get on that internet thing (they didn’t know why, but they knew they needed to). Since I closed it down, was released, someone else bought it, made it a porn site (because why not), then let it expire as well so I bought it back for no other reason than nostalgia and figured I better find a use for it. So here we are.

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